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EnviroRac 5®

When a server room isn't possible

The EnviroRac has been developed for remote sites, branch offices, or anywhere that the construction of a server room is not possible.

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Introducing the all-new EnviroRac® 5
• Climate control - up to 60 000 BTU
• Automated fire protection
• Environmental monitoring
• Alerting via SMS & Email
• 15” touch screen interface
• Biometric access control
• IP camera surveillance
• Remote power management
• UPS powered - 3KVA
• 43U or 47U @ 1200mm deep
• New design - reduced footprint





cost | When all the components of a server room are considered, the initial financial outlay to build a data environment can take sizeable chunks out of an IT budget.
space | With the cost of each square meter constantly increasing, space is becoming an important consideration in the conceptualization phase of a data room.
mobility | All too often, the mobility of a data environment is not taken into account in the planning stages. In our fast-paced society, a business branch could be here today, gone tomorrow. Thus, a moveable asset is an asset indeed.
security | One of the most important factors governing any size of data centre around the world is security. The value of today’s equipment is higher than ever, and our data is priceless.
management | An informed IT Manager is a happy IT Manager. With the correct monitoring and management systems in place, major disruptions and downtime can be easily avoided.

the modrac solution

The EnviroRac® 5 is the latest generation in a series of environmentally monitored and managed IT racking systems. With the challenges that face a data environment in mind, the EnviroRac has been developed since 2001 to become the standard in the housing of IT equipment outside of the data centre.

EnviroRac® 5

A fully stand-alone unit with virtually limitless functionality, The EnviroRac 5 is much more than an IT rack:
• Single, double, triple or quad rack configuration, built to 19” standards.
• Bowed-glass front door, stronger construction, reduced footprint.
• Up to 60 000BTU of cooling capacity from integrated chiller plants.
• No limitation on distance from an exterior wall with a new merged unit air conditioner option.
• Fingerprint and RF card access control.
• Support for up to three additional IP cameras for surveillance.
• Fully automated fire protection system with ozone-safe Potassium-based agent.
• Monitoring of temperature, humidity, mains power and more.
• Alerting via SMS, email or SNMP.
• 8 port managed and remotely switched PDU.
• Integrated 3KVA UPS.

end result

cost | Purchase costs, operational costs and maintenance costs are all lower for an EnviroRac than those of a traditional server room. Only the equipment inside the EnviroRac is cooled, as opposed to the entire facility being cooled by an air conditioner.
space | In terms of space, the EnviroRac’s modular design allows for one of the most efficient environments to house IT gear.
mobility | While a server room stays where it is long after the owner has moved, an EnviroRac can be disassembled and rebuilt in another location in hours.
security | With the integration of biometric access control and IP cameras to compliment its existing PIN and one-time passcode configuration, the EnviroRac is more secure than ever.
management | The EnviroRac 5 retains its multiple-band communications platform for 24/7 alerting, and the implementation of an 8 port managed PDU gives the end user greater control of assets within the rack.